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News from last week’s meeting (where BGE attended)

Thanks to the SJCA Board members and residents who attended the meeting last night! And thanks to BGE for providing information and answering our questions. Some highlights of the meeting: BGE is preparing information for distribution to the community. A committee is being formed to address traffic safety throughout the community, especially speeding and some […]

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Joan Lucco’s Chicken Cacciatore

Contributed by Angie Boyter. The very first dinner I cooked for my husband of almost 50 years was chicken cacciatore, learned from my Irish mother who learned it from her Sicilian mother-in-law, and it has been a favorite dish at our house ever since. I replaced my family recipe with this one when Dunloggin neighbor […]

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Carrots and Leeks

Contributed by Hulusi Cinar. This cold dish is immensely appreciated in the Mediterranean Turkey. I used to not like it when I was a kid; now I cannot live without it. An excellent side to chicken or fish, and shines on a party plate. Carrots and Leeks Recipe

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