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4033 Saint John’s Lane: Site Plan and related Technical Staff Report now available

The conditional use hearing for 4033 St. John's Lane is scheduled for Thursday, October 29, 6 pm, George Howard Building.  The Site Plan for the Conditional Use application and the Technical Staff Report from the County are viewable by clicking on the links below. The county is recommending that this request for a two-family dwelling be GRANTED.

Conditional Use application

County Technical Staff Report

As previously announced, the immediate neighbors and the St. John's Community Association oppose the application for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the owner has been operating the house out of zoning compliance for some time now as a multi-family dwelling, absentee owner disrepair, traffic/safety concerns, schools being oversubscribed, a parking pad covering nearly the entire front yard and other issues.  Do you want multi-family rental units in our neighborhood?

We encourage you to attend the hearing to voice your concerns and support the efforts of the immediate neighbors and SJCA!

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