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Help us ring the Dunloggin dinner bell!

The holidays are almost upon us, and everyone is thinking about FOOD! There is nothing that brings people together better than food, so we think our community should have a cookbook where we can share our favorite recipes. We have neighbors from around the country and around the world. There are wonderful taste sensations ready to be explored in the kitchen of the house down the street!

As you plan your holiday cooking (or your respite from holiday cooking), please share a favorite recipe, whether it be Chicken Cacciatore, Kadinbudu Kofte (a Turkish dish which literally means Woman's thigh meatball), or your mother’s meat loaf. We’ll put them all together into a free online cookbook on the St. John’s Community Association website. If there is enough interest, we will look into how much it would cost to print some copies and sell them at a nominal cost. In addition to the recipe, please feel free to add a paragraph or so about the background of the dish, e.g., this is the only way you can get your son to eat spinach, or this was the first meal you cooked for your spouse. If you use any exotic ingredient, it would be a big help if you could tell us where you get it. A photo of the dish (and the cook, if you like) would be great, too.

To stimulate your creative juices, as well as your salivary glands, Hulusi has posted on his blog a Turkish vegetable delight to accompany your Thanksgiving turkey. You can find it here.
You may send the recipes any time to, but please send them before January 15, 2015. Your Creative Culinary Team will take on the onerous chore of testing the recipes before publication to avoid any “Ooops!” moments.

The SJCA Creative Culinary Team:

  • Angie Boyter
  • Hulusi Cinar
  • Cindy Hammett
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