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June Update…….

Members and friends,

There is much to do regarding the various ways Covid 19 can spread throughout a community almost at will.  As we follow CDC guidelines and the County's announcements we thought it timely to share some contemporary data on the general consensus on the spreading of Covid 19.  Please see attached link.  Knowing how it spreads certainly helps our understanding in keeping it contained until such time a vaccine is created and distributed.    I have also attached a link for Howard County's most recent phased in reopenings beginning June 16th and onward.  Things are beginning and cautiously migrating to normal.  Not there yet, but HOCO is working on it.

As many know, we canceled our June SJCA meeting as our crowd typically exceeds the State and County's guidelines.  We will review the respective CDC and other government guidelines in September and make a determination for that meeting as well.  It is possible, albeit sadly, our next "brick and mortar" meeting may be held in January 2021.  As they say, "Time will tell."

In the meanwhile, your Board has brought our Mail Chimp back on line (thank you Tony Scuto); updated our SJCA Facebook page (thank you Lynne D'Autrechy) and updated this web site as well (thanks, again to Lynne D.)  We have also seen a surge on the number of folks who want to join the SJCA FB group.  Please remember to include your residential address (per the by laws you must live within our borders) and agree to abide by our  FB rules.  Easy Peezy, but we have had to delay approving some folks until we get that data.

Last thought for the day:   Howard County is a very special place in Maryland and well beyond.  Our goal here, candidly, is for the SJCA to be seen as a very special place in a very special county.   Hopefully, this data will help calm some nerves while also keeping us safe!


---Dave from Dunloggin



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