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Another Scam to Watch For………

Members and Friends,

For whatever reason today's scams are proliferating faster than rabbits and they are more devious than ever.  I got this in my email inbox the other day.  Not only was it cleverly crafted, but it would have caused me more angst to fix it.  Please see below:


The email came from AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.......that was the first clue this was a solicitation.  Oddly enough though, it only showed up on my Ipad versus my iphone or windows mail. Will have to check for the respective settings.  You may want to check your own.


Online Promotions

August 3, 2020
Take Survey Today
and get up to
Promo Offer
Please tell us about your Home Improvement experiences and as a thank you, you can select from several exclusive offer rewards!
Supply is extremely limited so act fast today: August 3, 2020.
Take Survey Now
This has all the markings, color and crafting as something coming from Home Depot which I have been known to visit from time to time.  Consequently, it appears reasonable.
I take the survey just for grins knowing there is a catch --- just gotta look for it.  The most prevalent is you just pay shipping and handling for your "Free Gift."   Others raise the bar by you agreeing to a renewal subscription.  BUT THE ONE BELOW REALLY SEES IF YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION.

You insert your information for the "gift" to be mailed to you then comes the reassurance that your order is secure:

"This is a 256-Bit Secure SSL Connection."

Here are the terms and conditions.....I have bolded the "be careful part."

By placing an order with us, you agree to our full terms and conditions and privacy policy and the enrollment our trial program, where you will immediately be billed the shipping and handling amount of $6.99. We will then immediately ship you your product. In 15 days (10+5), your credit card will be automatically charged the full retail price of $79. Over $4,000,000 in Offers given out so far!
So, the FREE gift now becomes a work of fiction.  Clever aint they?  They have also crafted the ad to make it appear to originate with Home Depot.  Guess they are following us around, huh?
I also wonder what customer they are targeting since they have to parenthesize what 15 means.
Whoever said, "If it seems too good to be true....."   Cant remember their name either, but as they say, "Buyer beware."
Neighbors look out for each other.  Which is what we strive for at the SJCA.  Hope your weekend is good!
---Dave Crawford
SJCA, President



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