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Dunloggin Water Mitigation Committee forming and looking for members!

In response to the ongoing water problems in the Dunloggin community, the SJCA has formed a water mitigation committee, to:

  • Assess the nature and extent of the current water-related problems within the Dunloggin community;
  • Obtain information from the county on specific projects now being planned to mitigate water-related problems within the Dunloggin community; and,
  • Bring the issue of water-related problems to our elected representatives on a community-wide basis.

Here, the Northfield-Crescent Safety Committee of the SJCA may serve as a useful model, resulting as it did in the asphalt path through the Dunloggin Park, curbs and sidewalks across from Northfield School, and 11 new parking spaces across from Northfield School.

Water-related problems might include flooded basements, overflowing creeks and streams, water sheeting over the ground from road runoff, and areas where water chronically stands in back yards.

If you would like to participate in the organization of such a committee and in its work going forward, please contact Peter Green at:

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