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SJCA Annual Membership Meeting on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 7 pm

Meeting will be on the 2nd floor, Education Building, First Evangelical Lutheran Church (corner of Chatham and Frederick Roads) Join us! All residents are welcome! Agenda includes: updates from Councilman Jon Weinstein’s office, election of Board of Governors, 2016 annual report, and looking ahead to 2017 to address topics such as stormwater management, traffic/safety, and […]

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SJCA General Membership Meeting, Wed. Dec. 2, 2015, 7PM

Please join us at the SJCA General Membership Meeting tomorrow night at 7 pm at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, education building, 2nd floor. All Dunloggin residents are welcome at all SJCA meetings, whether or not you are an SJCA member. Membership helps offset costs and provides voting rights  for the Board, budget, etc. We hope […]

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News from last week’s meeting (where BGE attended)

Thanks to the SJCA Board members and residents who attended the meeting last night! And thanks to BGE for providing information and answering our questions. Some highlights of the meeting: BGE is preparing information for distribution to the community. A committee is being formed to address traffic safety throughout the community, especially speeding and some […]

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December 3, 2014, 7:00 pm First Evangelical Lutheran Church Corner of Chatham Road/Frederick Road Education Building, 2nd Floor AGENDA FOR DECEMBER 3 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: 2014 ANNUAL REPORT OF SJCA ACCOMPLISHENTS: new website, Northfield Sidewalk and Pathway through Dunloggin Park, updated bylaws, new committees and more 2014 COMMITTEE REPORTS: Local Business, Northfield/Crescent Safety, and newly […]

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Dunloggin Water Mitigation Committee forming and looking for members!

In response to the ongoing water problems in the Dunloggin community, the SJCA has formed a water mitigation committee, to: Assess the nature and extent of the current water-related problems within the Dunloggin community; Obtain information from the county on specific projects now being planned to mitigate water-related problems within the Dunloggin community; and, Bring […]

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