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May Recycling & Trash News

Memorial Day Schedule

There will be NO COLLECTION on Monday, May 26. All recycling, trash & yard trim collections will slide and be made one day later that week. For a handy chart of the slide schedule, please visit our Holiday Schedule webpage. Alpha Ridge Landfill will be closed.

Mattress Collection at ARL

Since February of 2013, 154 tons of mattresses & box springs have been taken to the Alpha Ridge Landfill for recycling. That's almost 5,000 mattresses & box springs saved from the landfill. Keep up the great work!

Compost In Howard County…

Composting is easy and keeps valuable organics out of the landfill. Howard County provides FREE compost bins to residents. Pick one up at 6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 514 or Alpha Ridge Landfill (2350 Marriottsville Road). Need guidance? Visit our compost website or see our food scrap help videos. While you may not have curbside food scrap collection, these videos provide great tips for indoor collection of food scraps. Food scraps may also be dropped off at the Alpha Ridge Landfill to be composted. Remember…NO meat, dairy or fats. Tour the compost area at Alpha Ridge Landfill on May 1 from 1-2pm or May 10 at 10am.

If you are using HoCoGro compost at home, we’d love to see pictures of your yard/garden to feature on our website!

Stop the Migration

Delivered recycling containers have bar codes that are assigned to each address. These containers are County property and must stay at the assigned address. Even if you move to another house within Howard County, please leave the blue container behind.

Frequently Asked Question

What should I do with plastic clamshells?

At this time, Waste Management is unable to recycle plastic clamshells due to the way they are manufactured. While we wait for technology and markets, try to avoid purchasing items in clamshells or consider these reuse ideas to keep those clamshells out of the trash.

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