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The SJCA Official Response to Interim Superintendent Martirano’s Recommendation to HCPSS BOE, Oct 4, 2017

October, 2017

All of Dunloggin stays in CHS

The SJCA applauds Interim Superintendent Martirano’s recommendation to postpone high school redistricting until 2020-21 in anticipation of opening high school #13 in the fall of 2022. We strongly support his innovative approach to balance utilization through expansion of the JumpStart dual enrollment program to students at Howard, Centennial and Long Reach and Early College programs at Oakland Mills and River Hill. This solution eliminates the need to redistrict twice in just 4 years - now and again when high school #13 opens - and expands the opportunity for our students to earn college credits while attending high school. This recommendation also represents a respect for the value of community in our children’s lives and its contributions to their success. We respectfully ask that the Board of Education concur with Interim Superintendent Martirano’s recommendation.

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