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Help our neighborhood remain a place of single family homes! Oct 27, 2015

Howard County has recommended granting a conditional use application for 4033 Saint John’s Lane to become a two-family dwelling with a front yard parking lot. Is this what you want in your neighborhood? Approval of this application would set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the Dunloggin. Please view the flyer and do what you […]

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4033 Saint John’s Lane: Site Plan and related Technical Staff Report now available

The conditional use hearing for 4033 St. John’s Lane is scheduled for Thursday, October 29, 6 pm, George Howard Building.  The Site Plan for the Conditional Use application and the Technical Staff Report from the County are viewable by clicking on the links below. The county is recommending that this request for a two-family dwelling be […]

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Conditional Use Hearing this evening at 6pm!

On behalf of SJCA, this is a reminder that the Conditional Use Hearing for 4033 St. John’s Lane (BA-14-031C) will occur this evening, 7/9/15, 6 pm, at the George Howard Building, 3430 Court House Drive, C. Vernon Gray Room, Contact: Board of Appeals Office, 410.313.2395. SJCA has formally adopted a position against this application and […]

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News from last week’s meeting (where BGE attended)

Thanks to the SJCA Board members and residents who attended the meeting last night! And thanks to BGE for providing information and answering our questions. Some highlights of the meeting: BGE is preparing information for distribution to the community. A committee is being formed to address traffic safety throughout the community, especially speeding and some […]

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